Not only is our personality unique, our constitution is also unique. No two body structures and organizations are the same, so it is important that everyone lives their daily lives with the most suitable nutritional habits.

You are what you eat!” At first hearing, we might smile at the sentence, but looking deeper we can see how much truth there is in this statement.

Eating has a culture, it accompanies our entire life. Thanks to this, people can easily open up if the conversation is approached from the perspective of food.

During the Gastro Coach meetings, the client’s relationship to food and eating is explored using different methods. In many cases, quite simple questions are the most effective. The attitude towards food – what we don’t like and what we like – can shed light on other areas and depths of life.

Of course, the world doesn’t always revolve around food, and therefore neither do conversations! In most cases, there are emotional reasons behind our eating habits. However, it may also turn out that what is needed above all is not a lifestyle change, but a general lifestyle counseling.

When is it worth it?
• if you have any health / nutritional problems,
• if you want to become healthier and more energetic,
• if you would like to learn to cook for yourself and your loved ones,
• if you would participate in a team-building cookout with your company, family, or friends,
• if you feel you want to do something for your health.

What is expected?
the meeting will definitely be about you,
• get to know yourself and your habits better,
• get to know your attitude to food and life better,
• you can see your situation more clearly,
• you can more easily achieve your goals and desires!