Our best conversations, family and friend events, and even our business discussions and decisions take place around the table. It is no different during team-building training among colleagues. Food prepared together, followed by a shared meal, brings people together.

The cooking team building training is characterized by the joy of creating together.

The teams are assembled by completing the DISC personality type test (Dominance – Decisive; Influence – Interactive; Steady – Stable; Conscientious – Stable) used in the HR training, which is evaluated by the participants themselves.

The point is that every team should have a mixture of all four personality types. The goal is for the different personality types to learn to cooperate: the decisive with the interactive, the stable with the cautious, and so on. Afterwards, joint cooking and teamwork take on a central role, as one team is tasked with preparing the appetizer, the other the main course and the third the dessert.

The menu lines are created with the point of view of a Gastro coach and taking several aspects into account:
the food should be healthy, even gluten- and lactose-free,
based on the given recipes, anyone can easily prepare meals,
the groups must cope with the task in the same amount of time.

We can even provide a location for the cooking team building training with accommodation in Pázmánd, surrounded by nature in the neighborhood of Lake Velence. Of course, team building will also be held at the location specified by the Customer, according to the Customer’s request.

During cooking team building trainings, quality plays an important role in both food and drinks. In addition, mutual attunement and a direct atmosphere are also key. Preparations and group cooking take place in a harmonious, cheerful teamwork, and the subsequent shared meal just crowns the program.

The time frame of the trainings is flexible: if the customer requests a one-day program, half a day of training and half a day of cooking together. If the program is two days long, training is a day and a half and cooking is half a day.